If you are a Legal Permanent Resident (a Green Card holder), and you applied for naturalization to become an American citizen, and you have the impression that your application is being delayed, and delayed and delayed – you are probably right. It is being delayed.

This is especially true if you are a Moslem or if you came from a Moslem country. If your application is delayed and you make inquiries to find out why – in most cases you would not get any answer. If you are lucky, you might be told that your application is delayed for the completion of SECURITY CHECKS, and it is unpredictable how long this “completion” might take.

Nobody can object to the SECURITY CHECKS. But are they conducted with proper diligence? After all, applicants for naturalization have already been checked more than once during the Green Card process. The impression, after delays of a year – or two – or three – is that SECURITY CHECKS are only an excuse to hold up the citizenship of Moslem applicants.

The solution is – still is – a lawsuit in Federal Court against the Immigration Service. Recently, a group of 13 applicants joined together to file such a lawsuit. Maybe this will clear up the bad impression and bad feelings created by these SECURITY CHECKS that are never completed.

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