If you are applying for a visa at an American Consulate your tattoos can BITE you.

The American Consul can decide that your body art – as ARTISTIC as it may be – actually means that you are, or that you have been, or that there is a risk that you might be in the future, a member of a GANG. The Consul would then deny your visa because, undeniably, America does not need more GANG MEMBERS.

How would the CONSUL know that you have TATTOOS? Especially if you are wearing a blouse or shirt with long sleeves and you button it up to your neck? This camouflage would not work, because if you apply for an immigrant visa, you must undergo a medical exam before you see the Consul, and the doctor conducting the exam will probably note the TATTOOS on his Medical Report for the Consul.

So what do you do if you are applying for an American visa and have TATTOOS? Prepare good, reasonable, believable explanations that your TATTOOS are not a sign of GANG MEMBERSHIP past, present or future. And if there was some GANG connection in your past – have good, convincing explanations that the past is over, done with, buried and would not return. Remember: There is no appeal on a Consul’s denial of a visa.

Good Luck!

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