After you filed your application for a Green Card (Form I-485), you may encounter long DELAYS – six (6) months or more – before being scheduled for an Adjustment of Status interview. Why? Because SECURITY CHECKS have not been completed.

SECURITY CHECKS are separate and different from CRIMINAL RECORDS checks. For criminal records checks, the FINGERPRINTS of the applicant are sent electronically to the FBI – and their response comes quite quickly. For SECURITY CHECKS, the NAME of the applicant is searched electronically in many DATABASES kept by many agencies, and if a MATCH (with the same name) or an ALMOST MATCH (with a similar name) is found – there is a HIT.

A HIT requires a manual, individualized research effort to clarify whether the applicant for a GREEN CARD is actually a SECURITY RISK on some agency’s database, or whether the HIT was a false alarm.

This takes time.

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