The President has the authority to admit REFUGEES to the U.S. in any number – and from any country – if the President believes it is necessary. In 2015, President Obama admitted 70,000 refugees. In 2016, he admitted 80,000. For 2017, President Obama announced his intention to admit 115,000 refugees. This will provide for a large increase in the number of Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.

Refugees apply for admission while being overseas, not in the U.S. The applications are checked with special attention to SECURITY considerations. If approved, they come to the U.S. LEGALLY, get EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION and RESETTLEMENT ASSISTANCE. (The government tries to SETTLE refugees in different localities, all over the U.S.)

After one year, they are eligible to apply for GREEN CARDS. After four more years, they are eligible to apply for NATURALIZATION and become AMERICAN CITIZENS.

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