Popkin, Shamir & Golan is a full-service Los Angeles immigration law firm.  Immigration lawyer services are provided to all communities of all nationalities.  The attorney services are in several main areas:


1. Immigrants who are Legal Permanent Residents (holders of Green Cards) and wish to apply for U.S. Citizenship.

2. Immigrants who already applied for naturalization, were denied and wish to reapply, and immigrants having applications pending and expecting a denial.

3. Non-immigrants who claim eligibility for U.S. Citizenship through an American parent or grandparent, and immigrant children who claim automatic citizenship through a naturalization of a parent.


1. Family based petitions and applications in all Family categories, either in the U.S. leading to Adjustment of Status - or at American Consulates abroad leading to Immigrant Visas.

2. Employment based petitions and applications, whether requiring Labor Certification from the U.S. Department of Labor, or exempt from Labor Certification.

3. Applications not requiring petitions, such as Registry, Amnesty (when available), Political Asylum, Withholding of Removal, Cancellation of Removal, etc.

4. Assistance with Intents To Deny and actual Denials of petitions and applications.


1. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.CIS): Petitions and applications of all kinds, such as:

  1. Employment - H1B; L1;
  2. Fiancé or Fiancee - K-1/K-2:
  3. Student - F-1
  4. Investor/Trader - E1/E2
  5. Extensions of Stay for any of the above.

2. U.S. Consulates: Applications for non-immigrant visas in the above mentioned categories.


1. Representation of illegal aliens in Immigration Court, in Removal (deportation) cases, Representation includes the filing of applications for available relief, including waivers (Fraud, Crime, Medical, etc).

2. Representation of legal aliens (holders of Green Cards, permanent or conditional) in Immigration Court, in cases where the government wants to take away the Green Cards and deport the alien.

3. Representing alien's in the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), in appeals on Orders of Removal by Immigration Judges.

4. Representing aliens in Federal Courts of Appeal (like the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco) in Petitions for Review of final Orders of Removal from the BIA, and BIA denials of Motions To Reopen and Reconsider.

5. Representing aliens before the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in requests to delay or avoid the actual removal (deportation) of the alien, including requests to the Chief Counsel of ICE for consent to Joint Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings.


1. Advising potential immigrants - in the U.S. and overseas - about immigration possibilities, based on personal circumstances, such as: Family relations, business connections, education, work experience, financial ability, criminal record, immigration history, family size, age and health.

2. Reviewing immigration history and criminal records and advising about feasibility and risks of further immigration procedures.

3. Consulting with, and advising, criminal defense lawyers about immigration consequences of various options in handling the defense of client.

4. Reviewing Denials and Intent to Deny and advising about best way to continue.

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